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Honors Algebra/Geometry Contract
El Cajon Valley High School
Congratulations! You have been accepted into an Honors Algebra/Geometry class. You have proven yourself to be a student that can handle rigor and is willing to work hard to get assignments on time and study to earn the grade you deserve. To ensure your awareness, an honors course assigns 5.0 grade points to an “A” grade, 4.0 to a “B” grade, etc. As a result, the honors course goes into more depth in the content and the material at times can be more rigorous.
Like any class, honors or not, you are expected to complete daily homework assignments. There will be a variety of projects in this course ranging from hands-on to research and expository writing. In order to maintain honors credit, you must complete all projects assigned and earn a grade of “C” or better.   Any below standard project will be revised and improved until brought up to minimum standards.
We will have several quizzes and tests throughout the year and these will become tools for you to evaluate your learning in the class. However the Benchmark Assessment, like Quarter Finals and the Geometry District exam are both very important benchmarks used to measure your understanding of the geometry curriculum. Earning an “A” or “B” or "C" on both of these exams is an indicator that indeed you have maintained the rigor in this course and able to continue to receive honors credit in this course.
Thus, that means if on these benchmark exams, you earn below a “C”,  you may not receive honors credit.  However, depending on your track record throughout the year and your completion of assignments and projects, you may earn college prep credit for the Term in which this occurs. If you or your parents have any questions regarding this or any other policy, please feel free to contact your teacher. 
Vicki St. John , Jessica Menard
El Cajon Valley High School
By signing and returning this letter, you and your parents acknowledge the level of difficulty in an Honors Algebra/Geometry course and are willing to put forth the effort necessary to earn Honors credit in the course.
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