Consumer Math


UNIT 7: Taxes, Investments & Travel

PROJECT DUE: Mon. June 18 & in class project Thurs. June 7

WORK DUE: Mon. June 11 

BEGINNING of class (Reviews due Mon. June 18)

TEST DATE: Tues. June 12


SYLLABUS MATH-syllabus(1).doc

 Open house Powerpoint:


Day 1 powerpoint: Overview day 1(1).ppt


UNIT 1: The Job


Interview pp,cover letter & thank you(1).ppt

The Job: Intro pp job- intro(1).ppt

 Resume Project Guidelines: PRJ.doc

Sample cover letter cover letter.doc

sample hs resume HIGH SCHOOL RESUME.doc

sample thank you letter thank you interview.doc

Job Interview Tips for Teens: Interview Tips for Teens.doc

 Ms. Ward's sample intro letter letter swim-sample.doc

 Ms. Ward's sample resume swim.doc

 Ms. Ward's sample thank you letter you letter-sample swim.doc

 1.1 powerpoint hourly pay(1).ppt

1.2 powerpoint /userfiles/x077/files/1_2 overtime.ppt

1.4 powerpoint /userfiles/x077/files/1_4 piecework.ppt

1.5 powerpoint /userfiles/x077/files/1_5 salary.ppt

1.6 powerpoint  /userfiles/x077/files/1_6 commission.ppt


UNIT 2:  Money & Credit Cards

Guest speaker's powerpoint: MFCU School Financial Ed Slide Show 2.ppt

5.4 / 5.5 powerpoint 2 the money savings(2).ppt

Unit 2b: Credit Cards

Credit overview powerpoint

 Credit card myths info CARD MYTHS.doc

 Credit card: "Reasons to love them" REASONS TO LOVE CREDIT CARDS.doc

7.2 powerpoint unpaid balance method(2).ppt

7.3 powerpoint x daily balance no new(1).ppt

7.4 powerpoint x daily yes purchases(1).ppt

 Calendar grid for average daily balance grid(2).xls

 Credit Card Project Guidelines: card project(1).doc


 UNIT 3: Consumerism



6.1 - 6.4 powerpoint shopping & tax.ppt

 6.5 powerpoint coupons & rebates(1).ppt

 6.6 & 6.7 powerpoint markdown & 6_7 sale price(1).ppt


UNIT 4: The Car

Car Insurance ppt: insurance(1).ppt TYPES fill in wkst.doc  Insurance Type HW

Car Financing ppt: A CAR(2).ppt FINANCING WKST(2).doc  Car Financing HW

Cars: New vs. Old ppt: vs USED car(1).ppt

Cars MPG  ppt: Car mpg(1).ppt

 MPG worksheet: wkst(1).doc  MPG HW

Car: Renting & Leasing ppt: lease(1).ppt LEASING WKST(2).doc Renting/Leasing HW

  Sample Car Project: /userfiles/x077/files/CAR PROJECT EXAMPLE-new.docx

  Car Project Guidelines: /userfiles/x077/files/CAR PROJECT(1).doc

 Test Review: 4- the car TEST REVIEW(1).doc  Test Review HW

crying  The Car: $ Comparisons, Computer based worksheet /userfiles/x077/files/car $ comparison.docx

UNIT 5: Shelter

 Shelter pp: 5- shelter(1).ppt

Move In/Out Checklist: In-Out Checklist.pdf

 Shelter Project: PROJECT(4).doc

 Shelter Project Note-taking sheet: project note sheet word03.doc


UNIT 6: Geometry in the Real World

UNIT 7: Travel, Taxes & Investing

Travel Project Example: to Alaska.ppt

 Taxes pp:

Taxes & Investment pp- Guest Speaker Rick Whitaker, CPA : HS.ppt

  Travel project guidelines: project guidelines.doc